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Питомник Бенгальской кошки "Dakota Gold"

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Тип организации:Питомники кошек
Порода: Бенгальская кошка (леопардовая) [BEN]
[ Питомники кошек породы Бенгальская кошка (леопардовая) [BEN]]
[ Питомники кошек в городе Харьков]

Питомник Бенгальской кошки "Dakota Gold"

Питомник бенгальской кошки имеет домашнюю обстановку, обслуживающий персонал с высшим образованием и высочайшей квалификации! Круглосуточный уход за животными!

We are specialized in breeding and selling bengal kittens all over the

world, but we are located in Kharkiv (Ukraine).

Our kittens are sociable, beautiful and healthy cause of some points!

- Pure breed and all the pedigree data

- They do not live in a cage, so they are tame and affectionate

- Specially invented nutrition program for mothers and kittens

- Regular veterinary control and all necessary vaccinations

In our cattery we think that our cats are importent part of the family.

We often have guests in our cattery, and kittens see not only the family,

but also other people. They ge used to foreign smells. And children

usually plays with kittens what makes them even more socially adapted,

than if you just keep kittens all the time in hands. Another important

point is that the cattery is located in the city, which makes the kittens

resistant to external sounds of the metropolis.

Kittens are always under supervision, they only play with their toys, so

they do not flip everything upside down in your flat or house. Since

childhood, accustomed to the tray, do not touch the flowers and eat only

from their bowls.